Super Heroe Squad

Super Heroe Squad is browser based super hero game from Marvel. It is based on the comics and toy line of the same name. If you have ever wanted to be Spiderman or The Thing you have your chance in Super Heroe Squad.

Super Heroe Squad is a family friendly game, designed with parental controls, the option for chat limited to set phrases, and multiple accounts with only one email address. The system reminds you never to share your password and there are online safety reminders at appropriate points in the game. There are moderators watching for inappropriate behavior, too.

Play for Free Features

4 Free Heroes
Play Daily Card Battles
Play Daily Missions
Helicarrier HQ Access

In addition to these free features Super Heroe Squad has excellent graphics using characters that will be familiar to most people, and to anyone who has watched the show. Gameplay is not hard to grasp and the game is fun.


Play Marvel Characters
Build a team of heroes
Heroes gain power as they are played.
Free players can do most of what paying players can, just not as fast.
Very stable and well done browser game.
Great game to play with your kids.

Play for free has all you need for good, clean fun beating up bad guys by yourself. But half the fun of playing an online game is playing with other people. Super Heroe Squad Online makes it easy and fun for free and member accounts to play with people from around the world.

The Numbers

Over 1,000,000 subscribers
30 missions
74 characters, 4 unlocked the games beginning

Super Heroe Squad provides good family friendly fun with characters both parents and children recognize. It offers an environment you can enjoy with your children or be comfortable allowing the kids to play with minimal supervision. That is an unexpected pleasure in an online gaming site today.