Need for Speed World

When it comes to online racing, there is only one name you need to know. Need for Speed World! The game takes you inside the world of online racing and pits you against friend and foe alike. Need for Speed World offers amazing gameplay in realistic environments. Go head to head or just cruise around Tri-Cities looking for power ups and evading pursuit. Multiple daily events and play modes make Need for Speed World a must have for any online gamer.


  • Vehicle customization. So your car is as unique as you are.
  • Upgrade your vehicle’s performance with various engine and suspension parts.
  • Skill modifications give you an edge in multiplayer races.
  • Amazing graphics bring the streets of Tri-Cities to life.
  • Multiple modes of play to keep you busy.


  • Earn mods, parts, and power ups whenever you evade a pursuit.
  • Massive multiplayer world open for exploring when not in a race.
  • Chat with friends or just talk trash while cruising around.
  • Add friends and create your own racing guild.
  • Treasure hunts reset daily with amazing power ups.

Facts and Figures

  • Web store offers 10 different power ups daily.
  • Over 130 licensed vehicles to choose from.
  • Stack up to 125 different skill mods on all your vehicles.
  • Complete with over 1 million subscribers worldwide.
  • Over 20 racing events every day.

With all of these features and highlights, it is no wonder Need for Speed World is one the most popular Racing MMORPGs of all time. When EA released the game in 2010, starter pack copies flew off the shelves. Within months Need for Speed World became so popular the company changed it to a Play 4 Free format; meaning you get all of the action and excitement and you do not have to pay dime. What more could any gamer ask for. So, if love custom racing games, check out Need for Speed World.