Maestia, One of the Best Free to Play MMOs

Are you looking for a new online world to conquer? Have old titles and poor quality add on packs left you wanting more? If so, then Maestia is going to open your mind to world of MMORPGs again. Its stunning graphics and interactive gameplay will make you never want to leave the realm of Misilen. Maestia’s in depth back story captivates you and brings the game to life.


  • Character customization. Adjust any attribute to make your character look the
    way you want it to.
  • Maestia offers you open world exploration for armor, treasure, and weapons.
  • Learn know skills and spells to take on the monsters of Maestia.
  • Create guilds and invite your friends.
  • Find, purchase, or sell rare items to others in the community.


  • Five different classes allow you to create a multitude of characters.
  • Massive open world ripe for exploration.
  • Team up with members in the community and go on raids for rare items.
  • Item mall makes purchasing and selling items simple and efficient.
  • After an amazing raid, gift out items to fellow raiders and show your

Facts and Figures

  • Literally 1,000s of items are available to upgrade your character.
  • Involve yourself with a community over 9 countries strong!
  • Weekend scavenger hunts allow you access to 100s of rare items.
  • Over 80 distinct skills for each class.
  • Up to 200 players can play simultaneously in huge PvP events.

Maestia is an amazing game with far too many features and highlights to mention. With its free to play format and easy to use interfacing, Maestia is quickly growing in popularity all over the world. Do not miss your opportunity to experience one of the best MMORPGs to hit the market in years.