Last Chaos

Two gods joined forces to create the light and dark of the world. The land of Iris was created. Eres, the god of darkness, grew disillusioned with the world the two had created. He schemed and amassed an army to fight against Apollon, the god of light, and his followers.

Eres unleashed his army on the world of Iris while he attacked Apollon. After much fighting, the gods withdrew from battle evenly subdued. The mortals the two created continue to fight. In your quest, you are able to pick sides or truly be neutral. The choice will have consequences but will be yours to make.

Parties and raids

Group with friends or strangers to accomplish larger goals in Last Chaos. You can choose between different party types based on what you would like your group to accomplish. The experience and gold distribution depend on the type of party. Raids can be completed by certain leveled players in a party.

Guild system

Join a guild to chat, play and interact with your friends all over the world of Iris. There are also guild events like taking over a castle during a siege, or by taking part in a war between guilds. The only way to partake of these events is to be in a participating guild.


Pets and mounts

Certain, specific Last Chaos quests will give you the chance to be rewarded a pet or mount. These quests are special, and only the completion of the quests will see you rewarded with the special pet or mount.


In Last Chaos, there are daily calendar events in which you can participate. There are classes that can help the new player, monthly week long epic events and mystery events that are announced without notice in-world.

Facts and Figures

There are millions of Last Chaos players. That means you will never have to play alone, unless you want to challenge yourself to complete quests and tasks by yourself. Last Chaos world rankings let you compete to see how is the best player in the realm.