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Two gods joined forces to create the light and dark of the world. The land of Iris was created. Eres, the god of darkness, grew disillusioned with the world the two had created. He schemed and amassed an army to fight against Apollon, the god of light, and his followers.

Eres unleashed his army on the world of Iris while he attacked Apollon. After much fighting, the gods withdrew from battle evenly subdued. The mortals the two created continue to fight. In your quest, you are able to pick sides or truly be neutral. The choice will have consequences but will be yours to make.

Parties and raids

Group with friends or strangers to accomplish larger goals in Last Chaos. You can choose between different party types based on what you would like your group to accomplish. The experience and gold distribution depend on the type of party. Raids can be completed by certain leveled players in a party.

Guild system

Join a guild to chat, play and interact with your friends all over the world of Iris. There are also guild events like taking over a castle during a siege, or by taking part in a war between guilds. The only way to partake of these events is to be in a participating guild.


Pets and mounts

Certain, specific Last Chaos quests will give you the chance to be rewarded a pet or mount. These quests are special, and only the completion of the quests will see you rewarded with the special pet or mount.


In Last Chaos, there are daily calendar events in which you can participate. There are classes that can help the new player, monthly week long epic events and mystery events that are announced without notice in-world.

Facts and Figures

There are millions of Last Chaos players. That means you will never have to play alone, unless you want to challenge yourself to complete quests and tasks by yourself. Last Chaos world rankings let you compete to see how is the best player in the realm.

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Maestia, One of the Best Free to Play MMOs Wed, 10 Oct 2012 10:38:49 +0000 demo

Are you looking for a new online world to conquer? Have old titles and poor quality add on packs left you wanting more? If so, then Maestia is going to open your mind to world of MMORPGs again. Its stunning graphics and interactive gameplay will make you never want to leave the realm of Misilen. Maestia’s in depth back story captivates you and brings the game to life.


  • Character customization. Adjust any attribute to make your character look the
    way you want it to.
  • Maestia offers you open world exploration for armor, treasure, and weapons.
  • Learn know skills and spells to take on the monsters of Maestia.
  • Create guilds and invite your friends.
  • Find, purchase, or sell rare items to others in the community.


  • Five different classes allow you to create a multitude of characters.
  • Massive open world ripe for exploration.
  • Team up with members in the community and go on raids for rare items.
  • Item mall makes purchasing and selling items simple and efficient.
  • After an amazing raid, gift out items to fellow raiders and show your

Facts and Figures

  • Literally 1,000s of items are available to upgrade your character.
  • Involve yourself with a community over 9 countries strong!
  • Weekend scavenger hunts allow you access to 100s of rare items.
  • Over 80 distinct skills for each class.
  • Up to 200 players can play simultaneously in huge PvP events.

Maestia is an amazing game with far too many features and highlights to mention. With its free to play format and easy to use interfacing, Maestia is quickly growing in popularity all over the world. Do not miss your opportunity to experience one of the best MMORPGs to hit the market in years.

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Dark Orbit Sun, 07 Oct 2012 10:29:48 +0000 demo

If you have been following the world of online science fiction gaming, you might feel somewhat underwhelmed. There have been far too many games released lately that make little or no effort to innovate. Instead, these games just “go through the motions”, doing the bare minimum required to fit into the genre. I was pleasantly surprised to see a game called “Dark Orbit” breaking the mold.

In Dark Orbit, you assume the role of a professional space pilot who is working for one of the three largest corporations in the solar system: the Earth, Venus and Mars corporations. Your mission is to acquire vast reserves of crucial resources. You will not be the only one, however.

Dark Orbit’s Innovative Gameplay Includes:

  • 10 starships to choose from
  • A vast range of weaponry and items to collect and use
  • Alliances to forge and break
  • Fully 3D graphical interface
  • Browser based, meaning there is no software to install

Dark Orbit’s Online Features:

  • Facebook integration
  • Twitter feed integration
  • Accomplishment system
  • Invitation system

Current Game Statistics

  • Over 300,000 players, ranging from novices to hardcore competitors
  • Seven online game servers in different geographical locations
  • Compatible with all browsers that support Flash, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari

Dark Orbit takes the thrill of science fiction action, space exploration and combat and combines it with the communal nature of the Internet. It is officially classified as an “MMO”, which stands for “Massively Multiplayer Online”. This means that every player who is logged into Dark Orbit is not simply playing their own game, they are interacting with other real opponents and allies. Most other games simply drop the player into a world where they fight a never-ending horde of poorly programmed computer opponents. Instead, Dark Orbit pits your skills against some of the toughest science fiction gamers that the Internet has to offer.

The developers of Dark Orbit have taken great pains to ensure that you and your friends can enjoy the game together. They have accomplished this by integrating the game with the world-famous social networking sites known as Facebook and Twitter. You are given the ability to invite anyone who is your “friend” or “follower” to play with you. They will be taken to the game with a single click. In addition, your accomplishments in the game will be posted, with your permission, to your Facebook wall or Twitter feed. This keeps your friends abreast of the latest Dark Orbit news, shows off your talents and entices more people to come join your alliance. Alternatively, they might choose to join Dark Orbit to try and dethrone you. No one ever said this would be easy.

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Need for Speed World Wed, 03 Oct 2012 10:24:42 +0000 demo

When it comes to online racing, there is only one name you need to know. Need for Speed World! The game takes you inside the world of online racing and pits you against friend and foe alike. Need for Speed World offers amazing gameplay in realistic environments. Go head to head or just cruise around Tri-Cities looking for power ups and evading pursuit. Multiple daily events and play modes make Need for Speed World a must have for any online gamer.


  • Vehicle customization. So your car is as unique as you are.
  • Upgrade your vehicle’s performance with various engine and suspension parts.
  • Skill modifications give you an edge in multiplayer races.
  • Amazing graphics bring the streets of Tri-Cities to life.
  • Multiple modes of play to keep you busy.


  • Earn mods, parts, and power ups whenever you evade a pursuit.
  • Massive multiplayer world open for exploring when not in a race.
  • Chat with friends or just talk trash while cruising around.
  • Add friends and create your own racing guild.
  • Treasure hunts reset daily with amazing power ups.

Facts and Figures

  • Web store offers 10 different power ups daily.
  • Over 130 licensed vehicles to choose from.
  • Stack up to 125 different skill mods on all your vehicles.
  • Complete with over 1 million subscribers worldwide.
  • Over 20 racing events every day.

With all of these features and highlights, it is no wonder Need for Speed World is one the most popular Racing MMORPGs of all time. When EA released the game in 2010, starter pack copies flew off the shelves. Within months Need for Speed World became so popular the company changed it to a Play 4 Free format; meaning you get all of the action and excitement and you do not have to pay dime. What more could any gamer ask for. So, if love custom racing games, check out Need for Speed World.

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Super Heroe Squad Mon, 01 Oct 2012 10:17:08 +0000 demo

Super Heroe Squad is browser based super hero game from Marvel. It is based on the comics and toy line of the same name. If you have ever wanted to be Spiderman or The Thing you have your chance in Super Heroe Squad.

Super Heroe Squad is a family friendly game, designed with parental controls, the option for chat limited to set phrases, and multiple accounts with only one email address. The system reminds you never to share your password and there are online safety reminders at appropriate points in the game. There are moderators watching for inappropriate behavior, too.

Play for Free Features

4 Free Heroes
Play Daily Card Battles
Play Daily Missions
Helicarrier HQ Access

In addition to these free features Super Heroe Squad has excellent graphics using characters that will be familiar to most people, and to anyone who has watched the show. Gameplay is not hard to grasp and the game is fun.


Play Marvel Characters
Build a team of heroes
Heroes gain power as they are played.
Free players can do most of what paying players can, just not as fast.
Very stable and well done browser game.
Great game to play with your kids.

Play for free has all you need for good, clean fun beating up bad guys by yourself. But half the fun of playing an online game is playing with other people. Super Heroe Squad Online makes it easy and fun for free and member accounts to play with people from around the world.

The Numbers

Over 1,000,000 subscribers
30 missions
74 characters, 4 unlocked the games beginning

Super Heroe Squad provides good family friendly fun with characters both parents and children recognize. It offers an environment you can enjoy with your children or be comfortable allowing the kids to play with minimal supervision. That is an unexpected pleasure in an online gaming site today.

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