Dark Orbit

If you have been following the world of online science fiction gaming, you might feel somewhat underwhelmed. There have been far too many games released lately that make little or no effort to innovate. Instead, these games just “go through the motions”, doing the bare minimum required to fit into the genre. I was pleasantly surprised to see a game called “Dark Orbit” breaking the mold.

In Dark Orbit, you assume the role of a professional space pilot who is working for one of the three largest corporations in the solar system: the Earth, Venus and Mars corporations. Your mission is to acquire vast reserves of crucial resources. You will not be the only one, however.

Dark Orbit’s Innovative Gameplay Includes:

  • 10 starships to choose from
  • A vast range of weaponry and items to collect and use
  • Alliances to forge and break
  • Fully 3D graphical interface
  • Browser based, meaning there is no software to install

Dark Orbit’s Online Features:

  • Facebook integration
  • Twitter feed integration
  • Accomplishment system
  • Invitation system

Current Game Statistics

  • Over 300,000 players, ranging from novices to hardcore competitors
  • Seven online game servers in different geographical locations
  • Compatible with all browsers that support Flash, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari

Dark Orbit takes the thrill of science fiction action, space exploration and combat and combines it with the communal nature of the Internet. It is officially classified as an “MMO”, which stands for “Massively Multiplayer Online”. This means that every player who is logged into Dark Orbit is not simply playing their own game, they are interacting with other real opponents and allies. Most other games simply drop the player into a world where they fight a never-ending horde of poorly programmed computer opponents. Instead, Dark Orbit pits your skills against some of the toughest science fiction gamers that the Internet has to offer.

The developers of Dark Orbit have taken great pains to ensure that you and your friends can enjoy the game together. They have accomplished this by integrating the game with the world-famous social networking sites known as Facebook and Twitter. You are given the ability to invite anyone who is your “friend” or “follower” to play with you. They will be taken to the game with a single click. In addition, your accomplishments in the game will be posted, with your permission, to your Facebook wall or Twitter feed. This keeps your friends abreast of the latest Dark Orbit news, shows off your talents and entices more people to come join your alliance. Alternatively, they might choose to join Dark Orbit to try and dethrone you. No one ever said this would be easy.